20 Temmuz 2007 Cuma

I am tired

I am tired...
tired as an eighty year old...
tired more than a sprinter...
my muscles hurt, my eyes ache...

I am tired...
tired as an old heart...
tired more than a soul collector...
my spirit hurts, my being aches...

my heart is young yet it is old...
my heart is tired...

22 Haziran 2007 Cuma

the girl

this is the magic of the world
in that world there is a city
in that city there is a house
in that house there is a girl
and in that girl there is the feelings of love
the feelings of loneliness
the feelings of desire
which makes the world upside down
the power of love
the love of the girl
the girl of loneliness
loneliness which fills the house
the house in the big city
city in the old world
a world of magic
magic of the world

bird's wish

and so, said the bird

I don't want to fly again

take my wings my lord

ban the sky

my eyes should not see

the green trees and the sea

as I had this sin

of loving him...


silence and sound

without talking

silence understands my heart

desires and wishes

mostly break my heart

the sound of my life

reached the sky

asking for a way

to help me die


circles III

in the vicious circle
I found myself
each heart beat
takes me to asking faces
where did I do wrong?


bir anın içine sıkışıp kalmış gibiyim
zamansız ve mekansız yaşamak...
dört bir yanda camdan duvarlar
uzakları görüyor ama ulaşamıyorum
kuşlar uçuyor derin maviliklerde
zaman hızla tükeniyor gibi
kelebek için
bense bir anın içinde
hiç ölmeyecek gibiyim

circles II

nothing is more blue than
what you can imagine
greener than what you can see
with the soul of a bird and
the heart of a snake
wandering around the moment
in a vicious circle more than
you can feel

kept in the blue of dreams
trying to escape the time
(23 Mayıs 2007)